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Victorian Geometric Floor Restoration

If you have any mosaic feature, period or contemporary, that requires attention, we offer a full restoration service to revive these attractive architectural features.

Listed below are some examples of common problems:

  • Missing, damaged or loose tiles
  • Evidence of subsidence
  • Surface Grime - paint, adhesives, sealants
  • Ingrained dirt
  • Inconsistency with building alterations

For example, shown on the right is a hallway that has suffered from subsidence and other severe damage.

In order to achieve the end result which is shown on the right the following steps were taken:

  • The tiles in the affected area (approx 2 sq.m) were carefully removed
  • Prior to the re-installation of the design some structural work was undertaken by a building firm in order to strengthen the joists
  • A suitable re-inforced base was fitted in place of the damaged original
  • The original tiles were re-fitted and any missing tiles (including encaustic tiles) were replaced with modern equivalents
  • Once fixed the floor was then grouted and intensively cleaned

Fireplace Tiles

The period fire place is a treasured focal point for any room often incorporating decorative tile panel and hearth tile designs.

Pictured is an example of how care and restoration can revitalise and preserve these original features. Here the glazed geometric hearth tiles had loosened in several areas, in particular adjacent to the floor boards. These were carefully lifted and re-fixed, missing tiles were replaced with either salvaged originals or appropriate modern equivalents. The vertical panels were badly damaged and were replaced with a new design. The tiles were then gently cleaned.

Micro-Mosaic Restoration Services

Pictured here is a period micro-mosaic hallway that was cracked and had several patches of missing tiles.

These areas were re-instated using salvaged Victorian tiles where necessary which were hand-cut and shaped for seamless integration with the existing design.

Using tried-and-tested techniques and great attention to detail this type of mosaic can be painstakingly restored, achieving a stunning transformation.

Design and Installation of New and Reproduction Mosaics

Whether of contemporary or period design, a new mosaic feature can enhance a range of spaces from domestic and business to corporate and public.

Reasons for installing a new mosaic feature include:

  • Practical, hygeinic and easy to maintain
  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Attractive and versatile

Suitable Applications for New Installations:

  • Hallways and pathways where the original is missing or has deteriorated beyond repair
  • Other period features incorporating tiles such as fireplaces or porch panels
  • Large scale extensions or additional areas in-keeping with existing designs
  • Wet areas and garden features
  • Versatile addition to architectural or interior design schemes

There are a wide range of traditional designs to choose from along with a full design service for contemporary designs.

Tile Salvaging Service

With great care and the correct approach it is possible to remove, salvage and restore period tiles from their setting.

London Mosaic Restoration are presently undertaking a project for the Wembley Group.

Pictured are Glass tile panels that were carefuly extraced from the Palace of Arts and will be presented restored, mounted and framed.

Three salvaged panels will be hung in the soon to be completed Wembley stadium.

We welcome your enquiries.

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